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BAŞARI Chemistry Industrial Chemicals Manufacturing and Marketing is active in the fields of Personal Care, Industrial Solvents, Technical Chemicals, Car Care, Hygiene, and Kitchen Group as cleaning products.



The cleaning products we have manufactured since 2007 are given dealerships on the basis of regions / cities. Looking for serious companies and new entrepreneurs.


Our company offers the following possibilities in dealership / frachise package;


The cost of getting a dealership from our company: It is totally free.

Our company does not get commercial participation fee from its franchisees.

Other information about the company: Transportation support will be provided within the quotas to be determined.


Adress : Cumhuriyet Mah. Kartal Cad. Naz Sk. No:8 Kartal / İSTANBUL

Phone : (0216) 451 10 20/  (0530) 516-59-86

Fax : (0216) 451 10 20

Web Site : /

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