About Us

About Us

BAŞARI KİMYA, which has been operating in the chemical sector for 19 years, is a 100% Turkish capital company that produces a wide range of Industrial Chemicals   Manufacturing and Marketing, Cleaning and Hygiene chemicals and consumable chemicals for industry.

Our company, which has been producing on the Anatolian side of Istanbul since 2007, produces under the brands ASYA and SİHİRLİ.

BAŞARI KİMYA, which attaches great importance to R&D studies, came to the fore with its personal cleaning and care product "ASIA HAND CLEANING CREAM" in 2008, and "ASIA ENGINE WASHING - PROTECTION AND POLISHING", a vehicle care product in 2009.

Our company continues with its activities on “Industrial and Concentrated Products”.


Our Vision

To be a pioneer, followed and an organization whose successes are taken as an example, bringing innovations to the field of manufacturing and sales of industrial chemicals.

Our Mission

To maximize customer satisfaction by serving with high standard, quality products,

To respect the time and rights of our customers,

To increase the satisfaction and morale of our employees,

To fulfill our responsibilities towards humanity, environment and universal values,

To fulfill our responsibilities towards humanity, environment and universal values,

Our policy

To provide products and services on time by understanding customer needs and expectations; is to work without sacrificing honesty at every stage of these processes.

Our aim

To be a big company that creates competition, not competing in our sector, without sacrificing our quality and interrupting our R&D studies.

Our Quality Policy

To provide the products and services that will provide the highest benefit to our customers as the best solution partner, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction, and to understand the expectations of our valuable employees in order to achieve our goals, and to protect the institutionality of our company by ensuring their participation.